Google Removed ‘Remove China Apps’ Software


Google has removed the anti-Chinese app named Remove China Apps from Google Play Store that forced people to detect and delete Chinese apps from phones.

The app was designed to target Chinese apps and was published on May 17 on Google Play Store. The software gained most of its popularity in India, with about five million downloads. The app was considered to be in the list of top 10 high profile applications on Google Play Store.

Jaipur-founded Indian company, One Touch AppLabs who was the developer of the software declared on Tuesday in his tweet the app was removed from the Google play store but it was not confirmed whether it was taken down temporarily or permanently.

Google says, the app ‘Remove China Apps’ has been pulled from the play store as it violated google policies. Google does not allow any app on its platform to delete any third-party apps. 

This app came to light after a surge in criticism over China for reasons inclusive of the feud between India and China for Indian occupied territory as well as the emergence of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

Indian community wants a boycott on everything that belongs to China to show anti-China sentiments after China got its military troops into Indian territory to occupy the disputed piece of land.

An Indian Engineer Sonum Wangchuk published a video on a popular video streaming platform, YouTube in which she suggested that fellow community members ban Chinese items. Video garnered more than two million views to date.

One of the famous Bollywood actors, Millind Soman beware his 99,000  Twitter followers that he had uninstalled TikTok as it is a Chinese app.

This is not the first time Google has removed an app, it has also taken down one of the profile apps, Mitron app recently right a few hours ago of removing anti-Chinese application.


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