Chip implant into human brain

Chip Implantation Into Human Brain Could Be Harmful

Neuralink, the AI-brain chip corporation established by Elon Musk, could be prepared to place a version of its implant in humans "within a year,"...
Facial-Recognition: Japanese Software Identifies People With Masks

Face-Recognition: Japanese Software Identifies People With Mask

Japanese organization NEC, which creates face-recognition systems, has come up on the surface with a framework that it proclaims can identify individuals wearing face...
Elon Musk Revealed A Pig with NeuraLink Chip In Its Brain

Elon Musk Revealed A Pig with NeuraLink Chip

Billionaire business visionary Elon Musk revealed a pig named Gertrude with a coin-sized neuralink chip in its mind for two months late Friday, flaunting...
Smartphones Can Detect  If You Are Drunk

Smartphones Can Tell If You Are Drunk

Smartphones can tell you if you are drunk or not by checking your walk, a study, published in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and...

Amazon Launched Online Pharmacy In India

Amazon has launched an online pharmacy in Bangalore, India, as the internet business bunch hopes to spread its arms in more areas in one...
Facebook Eliminated QAnon Group After Violating Policies

Facebook Eliminated QAnon Conspiracy Group

Facebook has eliminated an enormous QAnon group committed to sharing and talking about QAnon conspiracy notions.  QAnon is a wide-extending, unfounded paranoid theory that a...
Gmail Privacy features to Make Your Inbox Safer

Gmail Privacy Features to Make Your Inbox Safer

Millions of people around the world have Gmail account which they log in to read, reply, forward their messages from/to their far-away loved ones...

Why Google Removed Zynn App from Play Store?

Google has removed the Chinese video app, Zynn, ditto of a popular short-video app, TikTok, after accusation of uploading stolen contents from different apps.  As...

Apple Tracking Looted devices from US Franchises

Looting incident took place last week in the US after the beginning of protests nationwide following the death of George Floyd. Apple has started...

This Photo is Lagging the Smartphones

Reports came in that many smartphones are crashing and unfortunately due to a viral photo of cloudy sunset and green shoreline along with it...