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US: Singapore Man Admitted Of Being a Chinese Agent

US: A Singaporean Admitted Of Being a Chinese Agent

A Singaporean has admitted of being a Chinese agent in US, the most recent occurrence in a developing deadlock between Washington and Beijing.  Jun Wei...

China Ordered US To Close Consulate In Retaliation

China has ordered the US to close consulate in Chengdu in retaliation, days after Washington constrained the Chinese office in Houston to stop activities.  An...

US Ordered China To Close Consulate In Houston 

The US State Department affirmed on Wednesday it had ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, Texas, inciting Beijing to demand firm countermeasures...
China forcing birth control on uighurs

China Forcing Birth Control On Muslim Uighurs: AP

China is accused of forcing birth control on Uighurs women to halt the excess population, targeting minorities with dreadful practices in Xinjing.  China is compelling...
TikTok Ban in india shocked app Users 

TikTok Ban In India Left The Users Dissappointed 

TikTok ban in India along with more than 50 Chinese oriented apps, such as Shareit, UC Browser, WeChat, has shocked millions of app users.  The...

COVID-19: Salmon Panic Created Fear in Beijing

Beijing reported fresh cases of coronavirus, it seems a second wave of the outbreak has got into the country. But the strange thing is...

China sees Second Wave of Outbreak

After having got the entire control over the virus, China is now experiencing another(second)  wave of outbreak with the highest number of cases in...

Google Removed ‘Remove China Apps’ Software

Google has removed the anti-Chinese app named Remove China Apps from Google Play Store that forced people to detect and delete Chinese apps from...

‘Once Upon a Virus’ China Mocks US

The Chinese media outlet, Xinhua has issued an animated clip from China that mocks US response towards COVID-19 using lego figures to symbolize the...
Trump Will Sign Executive Order

Trump Seems Dissented with US Intelligence Agencies over Corona Issues

American President Donald Trump apparently disagreed with the country's Insight authorities over their statement that the coronavirus is not man-made. Intelligence agencies said it...