Game: COVID-19 Awareness Through Entertainment


Recently an interesting report came which featured an innovative and crafty mind of two teenagers of Pakistan. Together they created a mind-blowing Single ‘A’ rated game application that gives awareness regarding COVID-19 through entertainment. The game puts the player in a similar situation as Covid-19. The game switches to different fields of gameplay such as rail shooter and side-scrolling in 2D formation. The game was based on their own perspective of studies of this situation and their mild game creativity. The game design is also quite stunning and nostalgic looking which gives a close resemblance to the South Parkseries which has a similar design. The game also gives us the narrative of Covid-19 going on in the game’s world. The player has to do the stuff to prevent the pandemic from spreading further.

The game is quite compelling and doesn’t have repetitive sequences and it also has a virus structure like germs to blast through from your way off. The game has an entertaining time of worth content and a charm to raise awareness about the circumstances revolving around. The game has all the stereotypes of prevention of this current outbreak and the game also lets the player in the shoes of the character walking around in the streets in the hopes of prevention. The game allows you to pull out a full-fledged war onto the virus sources. The game is a must-play for a Pakistani citizen and children alike to raise awareness in themselves at the fullest. The boys succeed in every way of playing their role in society while entertaining with a breakthrough title of social awareness.



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