UK Must Prepare for Second Outbreak of Coronavirus

UK must prepare for second outbreak
In order to reduce the life security threat and to restore the country's economy, an effective move must be taken by the UK government to fight against the re-emergence of the coronavirus outbreak coming in the winter season.

The UK must plan an effective strategy and prepare itself for the second outbreak of coronavirus across the country, Health consultants warned the government.

Health leaders demand an immediate assessment of preparedness to make sure the UK is ready for the “real risk” of a second wave of coronavirus.

Most recently, UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to ease the lockdown in the country by moving the alert level system from four to three, however, the science department considers this decision not-wise as it will become more likely for Britain to catch the second spell more easily in this situation.  

In order to reduce the life security threat and to restore the country’s economy, an effective move must be taken by the government to fight against the re-emergence of the coronavirus outbreak coming in the winter season.

Urgent action’s demand is fully supported by heads of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, Surgeons, GPs and Nursing, and the chairperson of the British Medical Association.

Recent easing in lockdown restrictions includes maintenance of social distancing of one meter that was previously two meters since the lockdown began. Pubs, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers will be allowed to restore their work from 4 July.

In a significantly essential open note to all political leaders across the nation, health leaders called for an urgent and forward-looking assessment for the country to emerge successfully from another renewed outbreak.

Moreover, they said, “though we have reached an essential level in terms of reducing the coronavirus risk countrywide, substantial moves are still required to contain the prevailing virus. Future prediction for the UK regarding coronavirus is really hard to make but the existing proofs pointing out towards another flare-up, that would likely be a real risk.”

“The job is not only to tackle with the first spell of coronavirus but to ensure the preparation for the second wave is adequate to halt the virus from spreading across the country.”

“Weak areas must be taken under observation in case of urgent actions to be implemented if needed.”

Sir David King, a one-time scientific advisor expressed his views over easing of lockdown said, ” declaration by the PM of lifting the prominent restrictions in my perspective is ‘extraordinarily risky’.

He cautioned the British people of the threat of the second spell of coronavirus–is on its way to the UK–saying, “we all know winter season is favorable for coronavirus to attack the nation once again. We must intend to eliminate the virus completely before the arrival of the winters.

David King said further, England has not an effectively proper track and trace system for coronavirus, this means if the restrictions are eased further, chances would be likely to face the second wave with much difficulty.

A couple of days ago, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to reduce the social distance from two to one-meter plus, the rule will be implemented from next month, besides people would be encouraged to take other measures while they are outside in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

“But if it is possible to maintain the distance of 2 meters, it should be maintained,” the PM said.

But where it is not possible, people will be asked to keep themselves at least one meter plus apart from others, which means about one-meter distance must be maintained to avoid the transmission and spread of COVID-19.

Other safety measures along with social distancing rule include mandatory facemasks on public spots, handwash, screening, and spending of limited time outside with others. Gatherings will also be allowed from 4 July but social distancing maintenance will remain in its place, which means, two families can gather at a pace but can not hug their loved ones. 

People would have to understand the fact life will not return to normalcy for a longer time-span.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care stated,” we will continuously be guided by the exclusive  scientific advice and we will offer NHS whatever it requires, as we have followed throughout this pandemic so far.”

“Strategic local management of any pandemic is the first line of protective shield against the second spell of an outbreak.”

“UK government would review its strategy and prepare itself to come up with the re-introduced measures to halt the wider-impact of upcoming second outbreak of coronavirus across the country.”


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