Know Why Angelina Jolie divorced Brad Pitt

Know Why Angelina Jolie Divorced Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie divorced Brad Pitt and revealed she took this decision for her family specifically her children's mental health. She told how it was important for her to be open about the biological and adoptive backgrounds of her children.

Angelina Jolie unveiled why she divorced the famous Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt.  Her Children’s wellbeing was important more than her marriage, she said.

When relationships and marriages turn out bad or unbearable, divorce happens. When two individuals are un-happy about their commitments and connections, the better thing they could do is to let that tie go, before it further increases toxicity in their lives. Most people opt for the path of divorce so that they could re-live their lives with or without partners.

Hollywood has been a famous spot where celebrities who tie a knot all of a sudden end up divorcing each-others. Like any normal person, they do face hardships, their fame won’t make their lives a fairy tale

When Angelina Jolie divorced Brad Pitt after only two years of their marriage, the world reacted and fans were devastated. She stated that it was for the wellbeing of her family, she considers it the right decision on her behalf.

It was Brad’s second marriage and Angelina’s third, they were in a relationship since 2004 they were married in 2014 and got divorced in 2016, they had 6 children in which three of them were their biological children and the others were adopted, they had a relation of 12 years even then they couldn’t cope up with their own issues and decided to part their ways.

Optimistic Family Life: 

Angelina who starred in the film Maleficent opened about the process of adoption and how she handles her children. For her, they all are a family, and in their home, the words such as adoption and orphanage aren’t taboo and are considered a positive word by them. She is grateful to be the mother of these children.

She told, how it was important for her to be open about the biological and adoptive backgrounds of her children. With her adopted children she cannot speak about pregnancy but she does remind them about the details and love of her journey to find them, and how complete she felt when she saw them.

She always encouraged her children to be proud of their heritage, and how they should never lose the link of that place from where they came from and how they should always learn from their background.

For her it’s an amazing journey, her family members are entering each other’s world and have ideas about their background histories.

Truth Behind Angelina Jolie Divorced Brad Pitt:

As far as Brad Pitt is concerned even though his relationship ended on quite mean terms with Angelina he still adores his children. He and Angelina have come on terms regarding co-parenting their 6 kids. 

In 2019 she opened up a bit more about her divorce with Brad Pitt, that she is finally recognizing herself, it’s been a struggle for her, deep down she was sad and confused when she left Brad, even though she didn’t show it but those feelings were present, and she this phase in her life has been teaching for her, which she would gladly pass on to her children, the idea of rediscovering one’s identity and joy. She praised her children calling them strong people, that they were resolute and un-daunting.

The kids spend their time with both of their parents and are happy with them.

Angelina stated that she and Brad were arguing more often, to the point that they derived each other crazy, they needed space and time apart from each other, as it was negatively impacting their entire family life. She stated that her family faced a lot and they were healing and she wanted to be there for them when they went through all this process, they had seen many lies about themselves on media, and she was there to remind them that the truth was always in their minds.

May be Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie had twists and turns in their relationship, but when it comes to their children nothing can separate them from their children.    



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