US: A Singaporean Admitted Of Being a Chinese Agent

US: Singapore Man Admitted Of Being a Chinese Agent
Jun Wei Yeo was accused of utilizing his political consultancy in America as a front to gather data for Chinese Intelligence, US authorities state

A Singaporean has admitted of being a Chinese agent in US, the most recent occurrence in a developing deadlock between Washington and Beijing. 

Jun Wei Yeo was accused of utilizing his political consultancy in America as a front to gather data for Chinese Intelligence, US authorities state

Independently, the US said a Chinese agent blamed for concealing her connections to China’s military was kept. 

China priorly ordered the closure of the US department in Chengdu. 

The step to close the strategic mission the south-western city was because of the US shutting China’s department in Houston

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the decision was taken because China was “stealing” intellectual property

Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Wang Wenbin reacted by saying that the US move depended on “a hodgepodge of anti-Chinese lies”. 

Following a 72-hour deadline for Chinese negotiators to leave the Houston office lapsed on Friday at 16:00 (21:00 GMT) columnists saw men who seemed to be US official force make a way for entering the premises. Formally dressed staff from the US State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security took up position to watch the entrance. 

Stress has been ascending between the two atomic powers over a few key issues. 

President Donald Trump’s organization has conflicted more than once with Beijing over trade and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as China’s enforcement of a dubious new security law in Hong Kong. 

Jun Wei Yeo, also called Dickson Yeo, on Friday conceded in an administrative court to functioning as an illicit operator of the Chinese government in 2015-19, the US Department of Justice said in an announcement. 

He was priorly  accused of utilizing his political consultancy in the nation as a front to gather significant, confidential data for Chinese Intelligence. 

In his liability plea, he confessed to exploring for Americans with elevated security clearance and getting them to compose reports for counterfeit customers. As indicated by court reports he was enrolled by Chinese insight in 2015 in the wake of giving a presentation in Beijing. At the time he was a PhD understudy at a renowned Singaporean college. 

As indicated by the liability plea, Mr Yeo utilized a professional administration site – thought to be LinkedIn – to contact potential targets prone to approach delicate data. Mr Yeo was captured as he flew into the US in 2019. 

The agent was named by US authorities as Juan Tang, 37

She was among four Chinese nationals prior this week accused of visa extortion for purportedly lying about serving in China’s People’s Liberation Army. 

Juan Tang was the remainder of the four to be kept in California, after the US had denounced the Chinese office in San Francisco of harbouring her. It was not promptly clear how she was captured. 

FBI operators have discovered pictures of Juan Tang wearing military uniform and articles in China pointing her military connection, the Associated Press reports. 

It is citing the University of California Davis as saying that she resigned her job as a visiting researcher in the Department of Radiation Oncology in June. 

There are various variables in play. US authorities have censured China for the worldwide spread of Covid-19. Specifically, President Donald Trump has claimed, without presenting proof, that the infection started from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. 

Moreover, in unverified comments, a Chinese foreign ministry representative said in March that the US military may have carried the infection to Wuhan. The US and China have also been locked in a levy war since 2018. 


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