Trump Seems Dissented with US Intelligence Agencies over Corona Issues

Trump Will Sign Executive Order

American President Donald Trump apparently disagreed with the country’s Insight authorities over their statement that the coronavirus is not man-made. Intelligence agencies said it has confirmed, COVID-19  is not genetically engineered.

Prior to confirmation, Trump had claimed he had seen evidence that COVID-19 was prepared in a Chinese laboratory.

Now, he seems dissented even after a proper verification confirmed by the country’s intelligence agencies.

The virus which started spreading from the city of Wuhan in China late last year has now engulfed 230,000 lives and infected in excess of more than 2.3 million people to date.

An extraordinary public statement released  Thursday from the Office of the Managing Director of National Intelligence, the managing director of all U.S. intelligence agencies, said it was “unanimously agreed by the scientific community” that the COVID-19 was born naturally.

The statement confirmed further, “[The intelligence community] will keep on examining  the emerging data to determine if the outbreak began after the close interaction with infected animals or by an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan.” 

This is the first clear statement by US intelligence in opposition to the conspiracy theories presented by the United States and China that the virus is, in fact, a biological weapon.

In recent days, Trump has been worse with China over prevailing pandemic concerns while the presidential administration has declared they have now reconciled with Beijing.

Trump has already accused China of hiding the virus, he also said China could have stopped the virus from spreading.

Besides, Trump criticized the World Health Organization and abandoned American funding. However, as per the Washington Post, the American Administration is seeking ways to harm China economically.


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