Carry Minati ‘YouTube Vs TikTok-The End’ Video Removed From YouTube


Carry Minati, a 20-year-old, roasting King of Youtube can not tolerate that one of the most viral videos of him to date has been discarded by the video streaming forum Youtube with the accusation that his video breached the terms of services. The video entitled ” YouTube Vs TikTok-the End” was put on the platform on May 8.

The most popular video of Carry gained  70 million views just within a week, with the doubling of the subscribers from 8 to 16 million. His fans outraged with such an act of YouTube and put Twitter on fire with making the use of such hashtags, #CarryManati and #JusticeForCarry, the two top trends on Twitter.

One of his fans, Himansh Kohli made a tweet in support of Carry said, “It was just a fun video, I am rooting with you.”

One of the fans of Carry Minati Expressed his views on removal of a video by YouTube.
One of the fans of Carry Minati Expressed his views on the removal of a video by YouTube.

Video ‘YouTube Vs TikTok-The End’ was based on the fight between the two video platforms in which Carry just exposed his stance on that issue in a roasting-funny style. But, YouTube did not tolerate that content and removed it from its platform to ensure the terms and conditions are a priority.

Screenshot indicates the removal of video on YouTube.
Screenshot indicates the removal of video on YouTube.

Youtube’s harassment policy that was advanced in 2019, the extraction of it read, Youtube will not tolerate such contents that become the cause of violating its terms.

Carry Minati came up with such video after a mass appeal to make a video in response to a famous TikToker, Amir Siddiqui who made a TikTok video to create a difference between TikTok and YouTube and said how the TikTok is better than YouTube.  YouTubers just gain sympathy from fans by presenting sympathetic content.

Here are the written-glimpses of the video as it is removed by the Youtube:

Carry, in his video targeted the TikToker, Amir Siddiqui, and claims  Youtube contents are far better than TikTok and have better quality with the precise time.

Siddiqui said Youtube videos show sympathetic contents, in response to it, Carry hit back with the statement that Siddiqui is actually one of those who does it as his posts can show who is sympathy gainer in fact.

At some points, Carry mocked Siddiqui’s grammar skills and said he should have to put some attention to improve the adequacy of education.

He also points out the avow of Siddiqui of considering himself a “social Influencer” and said, he used the hashtags which are irrelevant to his posts, used a stunt just to gain more views. 



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