Woman Sexually Attacked in Muzaffarnagar


A young woman was sexually attacked by two doctors in their clinic in Muzaffarnagar, India

A 25-years-old young lady was purportedly sexually assaulted by two medical specialists during a check-up when she visited a clinic in Muzaffarnagar city of India’s state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), police stated on Sunday.

The family registered a case in local police station against the charged specialists for attempting a sexual assault on Friday, identified as Ashok Kumar and Akhil, who claim to have their own clinic. 

As per a police cop H S Singh, the charged people absconded, but police will dig them out wherever they hide. 

As per the written complaint to the police, The family whined that the 25-year-elderly person visited the clinic along with her mother and sibling on Friday for a check-up. During a check-up doctors sexually attacked her, meanwhile, all of her family members were outside the chamber in the waiting area.

As her family had not known the whole scenario at the clinic, but after reaching home, the lady explained the incident with a cry. Her family returned to the clinic and attacked the charged doctors for their terrible action. The family then registered an FIR against the accused doctors.

Police said women have been sent for medical examination and efforts are being done to catch the wanted.



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