Trump Will Sign Executive Order

Trump Will Sign Executive Order

White House Administration has declared US President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on Thursday that is related to social media platforms.

Presidential order was mentioned right after a threat was given to social media companies to be shut down by Trump, accusing social media of stealing the freedom of expression. 

The dispute began when the social media giant, Twitter, for the very first time, tagged a link ‘Fact Check’  with Trump’s tweets on Tuesday.

The link, which Twitter added to Trump’s tweets, describes the claims what Trump did is not true or has misinterpretation and the link helps users to meet with authentic facts regarding tweets, as Twitter has made the platform’s security way stronger and started labeling the tweets with unauthentic or misleading content.

But President Trump seemed outraged. “Republicans think social media platforms are trying to choke conservative voices,” he tweeted. Let them continue to do so before that strict rules will be enforced on them or they will be shut down completely.

Details of President Trump’s order have not yet been issued by the White House, and it is not obvious whether the president could take such a step without parliamentary consensus.

Trump tweeted, ” Twitter has shown that everything we say about it is true, a big operation is going to happen.”

At the end part of  another tweet, Trump also wrote, “Big tech giants are censoring as much as they can in the run-up to the 2020 election, and I won’t let that happen.” In 2016, they also tried hard, but failed. So now they’re crazy.”

On Tuesday, Trump, in his tweets claimed voting with mails is fraudulent, however, he did not reveal proofs regarding his claim.

In counteraction, Twitter added a link below the tweet that showed ‘check facts’. After that, Trump wrote that Twitter was restricting users’ freedom of expression.

The same thoughts he shared on Facebook but social media platform did not put any warning-tag on his post. 

On Wednesday, Head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg stated in an interview with Fox News, “It would be wrong for a government to claim to be concerned about censorship if it is considering imposing censorship.”

Recently, Twitter has taken effective moves in order to eliminate ghosts or fake users from the platform. Moreover, it made its platform’s security strong enough to avoid spreading misleading information, as previously it was accused of spreading fake information that leads people to the wrong way.

After outraged tweets by Trump on Wednesday, the recession has been seen on Facebook and Twitter shares in the Stock Market.


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