Bollywood promoting ‘Unhealthy Behavior’ among Kids


Indian Film industry Bollywood has flourished both in popularity and its international reach, by making its films cheaper and accessible to the public, but it has been ahead in promoting unhealthy behavior among the audiences particularly kids.

In simple terms, it has gained a lot of viewership inside and outside its industry. In this era of science and technology where everyone is glued to their screens and digital devices, especially children, it’s hard to unlearn things that were never meant to be seen in the first place. Bollywood has a large platform and people turn towards this industry, and like any other human being, they gain by listening and seeing things. As far as Bollywood is concerned lately this industry has been brainwashing people with its twisted ideals and ideas.

A study was published in the scientific journal PLOS One revealing that Bollywood has been promoting the use of Fast Foods and Alcohol products through its work in Films, and the films that were originally directed and produced for children were no exception.

Snap taken from the Popular indian movie, Kabir Singh, promoting clearly alcoholic baverages and smoking.
Snap has been taken from the Popular Indian movie, Kabir Singh, promoting clearly alcoholic beverages and smoking.

Of the 300 films that were analyzed between 1994-2013, 93% of them had at least one occurrence of alcohol, 70% of them had at least one occurrence of tobacco, 21% of the films at least had one occurrence of branded fast food.

Tobacco products were used four times per film, Alcohol was shown or used seven times per film, and branded fast foods were used 0.4 times per film.

Dr. Nandita Murukutla, Vice president at Global policy and Research policy, Advocacy and Communication, Vital Strategies suggests that Bollywood has contributed a lot in these past two decades in promoting unhealthy behavior among different categories of audiences especially kids.

She added further that they hoped they had provided enough evidence which could support their point on the negative impact that Bollywood work is having, its clearly promoting diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and cancer, by marketing such unhealthy products, which should be reduced.

Another laugh buster movie, Hera Pheri can be seen promoting unealthy behavior among audiences.
Another laugh buster movie, Hera Pheri can be seen promoting unhealthy behavior among audiences.

“The rise of non-communicable diseases across the globe is linked with the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and ultra-processed foods. Marketing strategies that promote the consumption of these products should be strictly regulated using the broad public health perspective with an aim to reduce the burden of death and disease,” said Professor Christopher Millett, Public Health Policy Evaluation Unit, Imperial College London.

We cannot stop the production of films, but we can point out those errors that are being made in them, people would never stop watching visual stuff and most among them are not even capable enough to differentiate wrong or right for themselves or what they are looking at, especially the children. Bollywood should stop promoting Heroes with no brains, who have powers beyond normal Human capabilities, entertainment isn’t wrong, but entertaining with wrong Ideas is wrong, clearly, the films that are being made are not raising the right social issues and are presenting films with no logic, this should be changed as most of the audience out there are actually being impressed by these High budget films with extremely low scripts and unidirectional stories, which is clearly doing no good to them at all.    



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