South Korea Discovered a Running-Crocodile


In South Korea, Paleontologists discovered the ancient croc species that were like ‘running-crocodile.’


Researchers have uncovered another ancient impression of fossilized footprints that are believed to be an ancient species of Crocodiles that are far distinct from the existing ones as they scuttled like an ostrich.

Though no physical fossils have been found by the paleontologists, impressions were found tracked in a straight line that suggests the species were bipedal, it utilized its two legs rather than four for the purpose of running and walking.

Scientists suggest the fossils are 110 million years old. 

The research team is all set to turn our minds, which contain the perception regarding crocodiles. The discovered footprints challenged the existing general characters of Crocodile.

Professor at the University of Colorado, Martin Lockley told that people had different ideas about crocodiles as they considered them like lazy animals and they remained idle on the bank of the Nile or next to rivers in Costa Rica.

“I wonder what this creature would probably be like if it was bipedal and could run like an ostrich.”

The recent discovery may help people change their perception about what they thought of earlier before the discovery, as the fossil footprints have helped put the previous research aside.

This might spark a debate amongst researchers as not all the fossils discoverers would agree with the recent research until the authentic proofs are not revealed.

At the time of discovery, paleontologists believed the footprints suggesting their link with Pterosaurs, Flying reptiles. Pterosaurs lumbered around two limbs, hind feet when they did not intend to fly.

Professor Lockley stated, for now, bipedal is the only explanation to link the prehistoric croc species to the existing crocodiles. The name that has been specified to the discovered species is Batrachopus grandis.



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