Canada: Pink Lake that Attracts Human Eye


Tourists from far way come to indulge themselves with this naturally-occurring temptation of coast placed in Canada, known as Pink Lake. This dusty-pink-shaded hue of the strand never remains the same throughout the year as it continues to change its shade, sometimes it appears to be baby-pink shade, and sometimes it seems to be magenta-shaded coastline.

People describe that pink-shaded lakeshore seems like a ribbon all-around a huge present.

Pink Lake

Due to its tremendously-looking geological aspect, the spot has gained a significant importance not only amongst the nearly Canadian residents, but also to the tourists coming from different regions around the world.

People near the Pink Lake observed how the sand’s hue along the seashore changes with the changes in climatic factors.

This Canadian-based shore has now become a sportful place for many of the tourists all over the globe. People want to visit the place at least once in their lifetime before its actual shaded-pattern disappears temporarily into the ocean or hide under an iceberg.

One of the tourists, Debby Hunter shared her views, ” this colored-sand-containing coastline appears to be a dream, not the reality.”

Around the Pink Lake, there are small water bodies contain the same sand that seems colorful but do not have the same color-pattern as this strand.

Canada: Pink Lake that Attracts Human Eye

According to a Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Kevin Endsell, it portrays the picture of a magic land with the unseen magical object in it, but a brief description can be found in the field of geology to be explained regarding how it changes its regular color pattern.

He said the color of the oceans depends on different minerals, stones, and shells in it. Their particles when mixed with sand let them show a unique pattern of colors.

There are varieties of oceans present around the world having different hues because different minerals present in them. Some of them present undertones while some show saturated colors.

As the white marble is present in a huge amount so the most of the seas show white color-pattern.

“This is why the coastlines of different water bodies have not the same color patterns,” he added.

Answer to the question, that ‘why does the Pink Lake has its unique color of nature’ is a mineral named  Garnet in a huge amount present here, as its quantity is larger in Canada than any other country.

Garnet stone, that exists for thousands of years, are found in a variety of colors and can be seen in Candian mountains. Besides, many of the other minerals are also found in Canada.


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