Uber scrapping Jump bikes, angered bike enthusiasts


Uber is in the process of scrapping the thousands of its Jump bikes and scooters, angered bike enthusiasts with its disappointing move.

A recent visual footage, prompted a wave of outrage amongst enthusiasts in which it is seeming, destroying the electric bikes and scooters having worth millions of dollars. The move emerged after selling its Jump bike business to an American transportation firm, Lime prior this month.

Uber defends itself saying it had decided to scrap thousands of its old-model electric bikes that were refused to take over by Lime. The step was taken due to maintenance, liability and safety issues.

“As per the prior deal signed with mobility company, tens of thousands of e-bikes and scooters were handed over to Lime,” Uber’s vocal person stated.

“We decided to donate older-model scooters and bikes, but liability and safety concerns forced us to recycle them.”

Uber’s move has not been taken in the UK as it wants to carry on to deploy Jump business there. Spokesperson further told to source, the acquisition of Jump business to Lime had not been completed in Europe and it continued to move on normally as in the United Kingdom.

Chief Executive of Lime, Wayne Ting stated he prefers the blueprint of bikes and in the future, he will be utilizing more of them.

Displeased charity organizations said bikes could have been given in charity to any community groups or to the individuals.

The move to scrap bikes comes amid the lack of national bikes. 

Dave Nghiem at College Park Bicycles in College Park, MD said, ” we have never come across these things in our lifetime, we have never restricted half of the planet like this, so they cannot do their duty to build a bike, if no bikes are built, there will be a shortage of bikes in the continent.”


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