Pesticide Company Alerts Over the Comment of Trump

Pesticide Company Alerts Over the Comment of Trump


After Trump’s recommendation to use the disinfectants to treat the COVID-19, the major pesticide company has declared an alarming statement. In which, it has strictly forbidden to apply its products on the human body.

The owner of Lysol and Dettol, Reckitt Benckiser stated, its products can not be utilized over or even inside the body in any way.

Again, US president, Donald Trump bears criticism over his comments at a briefing held on Thursday, 23, April.

Any kind of pesticide is dangerous to human health, even it is hazardous if it gets applied on or engulfed by the body. Even, many body organs are sensitive to them. 

In addition, Trump’s unreasonable comments have brought many criticisms with them by the Doctor community and social media users. That led to cause the well-known pesticide brands a top trend on social media. 

Moreover, Reckitt Benckiser, also the owner of Vanish and Cillit Bang stated its products should not be applied by means of injection, ingestion, or any other way. The company stated further that their cleaning and disinfectant products should be used under the guidelines mentioned on products. “Please read the label and safety precautions,” the company said.

What Were the Comments Passed By Trump?

On Thursday, 23 April, coronavirus task force briefing was held at White House. During the briefing, an official put the US government’s research on the table. As per the research, heat and sunlight could play a strong role in defeating coronavirus.

The study further presented, the cleaning products could also play their part to kill the virus in the saliva or respiratory tract just within a few minutes. Even, isopropyl alcohol could kill it in an instant.

After focussing on this tremendous research, Trump suggested, there is a possibility of using ultraviolet light or strong light on or inside the human body could help to weaken the coronavirus. This would be a tremendous treatment as this research is.

“And afterward I see the disinfectant where it takes it out in a moment. One moment,” he said. “What’s more, is there a way we can accomplish something to that effect, by infusion inside or just about a cleaning? 

“Since you see it gets in the lungs and does a huge number on them, so it’d be fascinating to watch that,” he said.

Trump’s remarks have shadowed all social media forums.

Bundle of the users related his ideas to a hazardous trend 2018 where people ingested Tide laundry detergent pods.

How Medical Department Reacted Over this?

Doctors have strongly warned regarding Trump’s suggestions. They said it could be dangerous to obey this ridiculous suggestion. And this could lead to deadly outcomes.

“This thought of infusing or ingesting any sort of purifying item into the body is reckless and it’s risky,” Dr. Vin Gupta, a pulmonologist and worldwide wellbeing strategy master, revealed to NBC news. “It’s a typical technique that individuals use when they need to murder themselves.”

This is really not the first time Trump has become a central figure to criticism,  he has plugged malaria medication, hydroxychloroquine could help treating COVID-19, though, he has not any medical proof regarding this.


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