Health And Lifestyle Correlation

Health And Lifestyle Correlation

The way you carry yourself, the way you manage your things and your life, the way you make decisions, and handle your own situations tells everything about what you would certainly do to keep yourself engaged and symbolize your life. Try having a rare thing that most people don’t have, and that is hope, and hope begins with a simple word called health. And how you live decides how healthy you are, these things are correlated. About 90% of people live a life that never sustains their health which we term as an UN-HEALTHY life, what can you do to make it healthy? The answer is everything possible. It’s not just setting up an alarm for an occasion or losing weight for a particular party, or eating in such a manner that no one refers you as a freak. It’s about you, finally setting some aims for yourself, some boundary lines that you wouldn’t cross, no matter what it takes.

You always feel like being invincible until something happens to you, and it’s never worth waiting, but still, you can’t help it. This is because you don’t know how to organize your life like you can’t organize your books in your bag and always forget to bring maths book in maths class cause you never liked that subject. Similarly, to forget adding some basic things in your life because you don’t consider them anything  important at all, and here is the list that most of the readers actually don’t do


Yes, you won’t do it, don’t even lie about it, working out, engaging oneself in sports, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation all of these things decrease your stress level, your depression, you sweat which removes waste from your body,  your blood becomes thin which is a good thing as now it can pass easily through your heart, and the heart pumps it all around your body, your organs get their food, they remain healthy, and there is hope for you to work out the next day, and studies have shown that the people engaged in physical activities are the ones with a strong immune system. HOW COULD YOU SKIP THIS! 


Not the type of rest you guys take, I’m talking about a rest that is the actually sensible one, a rest without using cell phones when lying on the bed, not using laptops or other gadgets just because you are free and got excuse to text your friends or supposes or whoever you want to get linked to at that time, this type of rest doesn’t involve in it. Go to bed, take some fine sleep, because all the work that you have put this morning has got you tired, and research shows that sleeping heals your damaged cells, your muscles, and for the students out there who think that waking up and taking no rest would make them a topper. Well, it can, but most of them can’t recall their memory when they really need it. Sleeping less would cause uneven heart rates, change in metabolic rates, lack of alertness, and yes, decreases memory. Take proper sleep of 7-9 hours if your an adult, if you’re a child sleep for about 9-11 hours, and if you’re older than adults, try sleeping for 7-8 hours.


Whenever it comes to word DIET,  I know what firstly pops in your head, JUNK FOOD, I like it too, it popped in my head too. Though it’s not healthy no matter how much delicious it sounds, these things have fats, carbohydrates, and sodium in excessive amount,  that can make one obese, and obesity shortens our life span, try taking fruits and vegetables (a lot of them), nuts, seeds, seafood, whole grains, herbs and everything that you commonly avoid, just add them in your meal or something, you don’t want to die now right? So try staying healthy for your own sake.

And here are the things that most of you shamelessly and gladly do, no matter how much it affects you, or how the damage from it costs you, these things have always been the cheapest and easiest to achieve, and our human nature accepts all those things that are easily done or can be attained easily, like laziness.


He/she smokes because he/she is stressed, he/she drink and take drugs, or alcohol just to ease out his/her tension, these maniacs don’t know any other way to make themselves easy, burning away their lungs, by smoking, can cause bad impact to their health and life, these things create clots in our arteries or other blood canals, stops our heart from functioning and stops blood to flow. Maybe the nicotine can repress your feelings of sadness and heartbreak, but in return, it takes your health, and these short term relaxations can give you long term presence of harm.

Medicational abuse:

Excessive use of medicines can affect our organs, such as kidney, stomach, heart, and many others, but most of the people among us prefer self-medication without a proper prescription. They use medicines on daily basis damaging their inner functions, and most of them complain of deprived sleep or high heart rates, well these are the consequences that they have to face for being so stupid, sometimes many of them feel a little bit week or feel a little bit sick, and urgently drink up syrup or take pills, without consulting their doctors, and end up feeling worse than before.

Modern gadgets:

Our young and new generation uses phones, or laptops, game counsels. They remain seated most of their days on their chairs, couches, and sofas. But they don’t know that sitting around and trying to kill their time by doing nothing but using these things disrupts their routine of healthy life that they could’ve to have if they weren’t lazy. Let’s play outside, no I have to complete this level or I have to text someone, or I have to watch this serial, these are the famous responses that we get when we call them to do something instead of using their gadgets. Being lazy, getting obese, disrupting your sleep, won’t add more years to your lives. Because life doesn’t like the likes of you honestly, neither your family.

Try living for yourself and it requires making yourself accountable for your own actions, how you live is related to how healthy you are going to be, I know parents and our elders seem boring when they tell us about things that are beneficial for us in the future, because we are brats and young and we have a strong metabolic system that for like 30 years would protect us from diseases and germs, but what about that time when we would be old and our parents wouldn’t be around to tell us to live reasonably, to wake up, to sleep early, to eat vegetables and fruits, to be an honest human, a punctual human and to never smoke or drink during depressing and stressful situations.  So act now, think now, and decide now to live a healthy life before all those intellectual talks end up ringing and you could hear no more of them.     


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