Additional Information About Coronavirus

Additional Information About Coronavirus
COVID-19 hits differently, It causes colds for some, but severe disease and death for others. Researchers are uncovering genetic clue and other factors that determine an infected person’s fate.

Coronavirus pandemic appeared in late 2019. The first outbreak was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. COVID-19 is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. As per the news, there are more than 2.92 million cases of Covid-19 in 185 countries and this pandemic has caused thousands of deaths all over the world.

Symptoms of Covid-19

The symptoms of the Covid-19 include high fever and Cough. This virus usually spreads through close contact. More complications of the Corona may include shortness of breath. The prevention given by doctors is bed rest and intake of water or some other kind of beverage. If the symptoms are less then people can recover from this virus very quickly.

What if the symptoms become more severe? 

If the symptoms become more severe and the condition of the patient becomes more complicated then they become self- isolated. The complications of Coronavirus pandemic include Pneumonia and Acute Respiratory distress Syndrome. Shortness of breath and Swelling of lungs occurs because the Immune system of the body tries to fight with the Virus. In order to deal with the shortness of breath, People are hospitalized in order to get more oxygen.

When the people are shifted to ICU?

When the situation gets critical then they (patients) are shifted to the Intensive Care Unit where they are continuously kept on Ventilators, providing them with enough oxygen. While being admitted to ICU, many of the patients start to lose muscle weight. Many of the cases have shown that fatigue is an important aspect while recovery. There have been reports from China and Itlay that patients usually suffer from weakness after healing. They sleep more and have a mild cough. Some people spend so much time on Ventilators while others are recovered so easily. This varies from person to person because of their physiological aspects and immunity. 

Can Corona have long terms side effects?

 There are no long-term side effects of Coronavirus. Although, the people suffering from severe lung disease or some kind of disease are related to shortness of breath. It is possible that some times this virus leaves a lot of results, that remain long-lasting with the person, like Fatigue and weakness. 

How many people have been recovered?

 According to the news, More than 6 lac people have been recovered from this pandemic but in different countries, they include mild symptoms. Various data show that 99 to 99.5% of those people who fall ill have been recovered.

Is there any chance to get Coronavirus after the recovery?

 There are a lot of speculations about this, but there is no evidence yet. If a person has completely healed then there are minor chances because an antibody has been developed into their body,  which is ready to fight with this virus for the next attack. In fact, Medical Experts are taking plasma of recovered persons in order to inject into infected persons to make them fight with the deadly virus.



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