Can Dexamethasone Save Life of Seriously-ill COVID-19 Patient?

Can Dexamethasone Save Life of Seriously-ill COVID-19 Patient?

A drug named Dexamethasone is found to be helpful to save the life of COVID-19 patient with serious illness as it is effectively beneficial, low-cost and widely available across the world.

The expert’s team from Oxford University carried out a trial, in which 2,000 patients were dosed dexamethasone and had a keen examination by comparing the patients with those who were not given the mentioned drug.

They found out, it reduced the risk of death for the patients on ventilators from 40% to 28%.

Patients who are needing oxygen can escape the risk of death from 25% to 20%.

Drug dexamethasone has proved to be ‘a great achievement’ amid most of the trials and tests in order to save the lives of COVID-19 patients.

The drug has been utilized to cure the patients of coronavirus since the outbreak began, and about 5000 lives have been rescued from the deadly threat of coronavirus, UK experts say.

This is actually helpful to treat the patients in poorer countries where the number of cases is larger than enough, as it is cheaper and easily available in chemist shops. 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a ‘great British Scientific Achievement.’

“We have taken actions into implementation to ensure the enough supply of the drug even in the second wave of outbreak.”

Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Chris Witty stated it would rescue lives and reduce the threat of coronavirus across the globe.

The dexamethasone drug treatment completes in 10 days and one day of treatment costs £5 per patient. And the aggregate amount for a complete course would be 35£ to save a single life.

It is a clear benefit, as dexamethasone has been trialed that it can save COVID-19 patients and the drug is available everywhere around the world, patients should be treated with this drug without a delay to lower the risk of death. 

Patients who do not appear to have breathing symptoms cannot be given dexamethasone as it does not treat the coronavirus patients with mild symptoms. 

Previously, the drug has been used to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and skin diseases. It also can halt the damage to the immune system occurring during the fight against COVID-19.



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