Coronavirus: Not All the Heroes Wear Labcoat


Coronavirus pandemic has almost caught the whole world in the grip. This Pandemic has caused many deaths and due to this pandemic, people are staying at their houses. This coronavirus is becoming more serious and dangerous day by day and is increasing in number. There are almost 2,653,422 cases of Coronavirus worldwide and has caused 184,336 deaths.
During this pandemic and in this terrible situation, our doctors and medical staff are the front liners and are real-life heroes. All the Doctors, Nurses, Physicians are involved and are making enough efforts to overcome this epidemic and they are the apple of many eyes. Doctors are being admired by a great ratio of people around the world but during these critical situations, we shouldn’t forget the most underrated heroes, “The Cleaning Staff”. They are the most underrated heroes of all the time, they are providing a very neat and clean environment in the hospitals. They are low- wage workers but they have very high importance. They are putting themselves in a situation where a virus can attack them anytime.

The Cleaning Staff are also the front liners like doctors because they are responsible for cleaning, mopping the floor and scrubbing the places which are terribly infected by germs. Many of them are of old age but they are performing their duties with honesty and dignity. They hold the slogan saying “stay home because we can’t”. They are staying away from their families and their beloved ones.

Furthermore, the Cleaning Staff undergoes a very heavy task of holding toxic chemicals. All these workers handle a huge amount of objects. They carry very dangerous and infectious garbage and dirt. But unfortunately, many of them are not provided good protection as well as considerable respect and importance. They are not provided with hand sanitizers, gloves, and other careful medical stuff, which is leading to put their lives at risk. In this time of panic and anxiety, all of these medical and cleaning staff are playing a substantial role and are fighting with this pandemic.

Their hardworking and countless efforts should be encouraged and recognized at a big level that would help boost them with the intention to keep working harder to serve at their extremes. And we should stay at home and be safe.

Many of the countries are not giving them the importance and value what they deserve to get, although, their work is highly appreciable because not everybody has the same guts to do these things, hence, we should applaud and pray for their health as they care for our health.


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