Bad Breath Reasons and Tips


When we were little, we were taught to floss, to brush our teeth twice a day or thrice maybe, we were said to rinse our mouth with salty water or warm water, to prevent the growth of germs. We were taught about plaque, about yellowing of teeth, about those gross black spots that grew if teeth weren’t taken care of. What I got to experience during that time was an immensely BAD BREATH, a ridiculed smile, and obviously the horror of getting attacked by those germs that were living in that mouth.

So what is Bad breath anyways? Also called halitosis, this word means that something is very wrong with your mouth and instead of feeling sorry and ashamed of it, why don’t you find a cure or remedy or whatever, just to get rid of that smell. Well, we all are wearing masks, its CORONA out there people, covering your faces might make you realize that your mouth has a foul poop like the smell, and you might be wondering what others have been experiencing when they talked with you, and when you weren’t all MASKED UP. So here are some reasons that would explain why your breath is bad and what you can do about it. 

You Chew and Forget to Clean Afterwards

What were we told from the very beginning, the days when we were like 3 or 4 something and had these baby-sized teeth, can you recall? It’s brushing, when you eat up things, the bacteria in your mouth take action, by breaking down the food leftovers between your teeth, and those bacterias are anaerobic, they don’t require oxygen to break things down and they are the cause of that pungent smell being produced. Plaque is formed which is a sticky substance made from bacteria, our tongue can get these bacteria to attach to it, further spreading the smell. Some people don’t brush before going to their beds and wake up with a smelly yawn and loads of germs in their mouths, so unhygienic and gross!

Your Mouth is Dry

 Many of us sleep with an open mouth, or even worse SNORE, mouth breathing leads us to dry mouth, and dry mouth further adds smell in our breath. People with a stuffy nose or any nasal related issue do their 80% of breathing through the mouth, this harms them as their throat goes dry, and here is another reason why it isn’t NORMAL to breathe this way, when the air passes through our nostrils it passes through a mucous membrane and nitric oxide is formed which eases our smooth muscles that are found in our heart and blood vessels when we breathe through our mouth our organs may not receive the required oxygen. Breathing through the mouth can lead to strained throat muscles. Mouth breathing also causes unfiltered air passing through our air passageway, meaning the germs also enter in without being filtered, because the nasal hair in our nose filter them out and temperate the air passing through it.

Alcohol and Toxicity of Drugs

These beverages are already stunk what more can I say about them, they can harm your sense of taste, the tobacco smoke, when mixed with saliva, creates a nauseating smell, taking these things to harm the gum and its immunity. They stain the teeth of yours, easing out your pain and miseries by taking these dumb things would cause a lot to your teeth, these drinks have high sugar amount and are acidic that breaks down the enamel, that protecting our teeth. Teeth are then decayed, there are cavities in them.


Many of these medicines can dry our mouth when being taken, they produce such chemicals that can make our breath bad, this happens basically at night when we are sleeping, our saliva dries out and the odor-producing bacteria do their work. Apart from medications, lung diseases can also cause bad breath, and sometimes the stuffy nose of ours can cause the nasal secretion to get stuck with our air passageway causing our breath to smell bad. People with diabetes and other liver disorders also complain about their breath becoming reeking or noxious.


Eating spicy food, having foods including garlic or onions in it, fish, eggs, and those things that you take, and after eating them you experience your breath-changing. Such food when digested enters our bloodstream and that blood flows everywhere including our lungs which changes the smell of our breath being produced. Taking things with caffeine in it reduces the saliva production, and you know what comes next.     


Taking water has proven to be a reliable source when one wants to reduce the smell in one’s breath, we are made of 80% of water, our organs function smoothly when hydrated, for those people with abnormal tobacco habits and alcohol consumptions, try reducing it a bit, I know your life is all stinky at the moment and you’re all stressed out but why reeking out your own breath for it? Those undergoing medical treatment, just give up on medicines, try brushing your teeth once in a while, it cannot permanently treat you, but It can give you temporary hygiene, and consult your doctor ask him/ her about other alternatives to help you reduce these foul smells that are produced after taking your medicines. Floss your teeth, remove those germs, don’t go on buying every mouth wash you see out there because they have alcohol in them, and alcohol has the tendency to dry out your mouth, consult your dentist and buy something under his/her prescription. Try to reduce those foods that foul your breath and sore your mouth. 


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