Common Disinfectants to Prevent Coronavirus

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This Coronavirus has made everybody confined to their houses. As this pandemic has spread all over the world and till now no cure or vaccine has been produced. The only cure for the coronavirus is to take precautionary measures which include keep yourself clean, social distancing and make face masks compulsory. The usage of disinfectants plays an important role in cleaning yourself and your environment and to help you prevent coronavirus. The Coronavirus vaccine has not been developed yet but it can be destroyed or overcome by using Antiseptics. Keeping yourself and your environment clean doesn’t protect only from Coronavirus but also removes all kinds of germs and diseases. Many household Disinfectants and Antiseptics are being recommended by doctors. Here are some of them which are quite helpful. 

Using Soap and water

We use soaps and water in our daily lives. Soap and water is the most common and effective way to be cleaned and protecting your body from germs. The Soap works as a germ remover as it removes all the bacteria and germs attached to our hands, face, or dining table of your house and washes them out with water. The virus actually has an outside coating– Capsid which is made up of capsomeres and the inner stuff DNA or RNA which causes the disease. The soap breaks up that coating, and the virus can fall apart.

Bleach solution

Bleach is the name of a chemical that is generally used to remove the stains. Bleaches have anti-bacterial properties that make them useful to control bacteria, viruses, and algae. Bleach is a very harsh Cleaner as it can damage the skin so while using it, you should wear gloves and mix bleach only with water. Bleach is used for cleaning purposes and it is very useful these days as it is used as a bacterial cleaner. One should be careful while using it because it can damage clothes, some paints and it can also corrode metal.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a Chemical compound that is available in pure form, very pale, blue, liquid, and is used as a bleaching agent. It is also used as an antiseptic. Hydrogen peroxide is a cleaning agent which is used for cleaning purpose in homes.


Rubbing Alcohol has been proved very important cleaning product. Rubbing Alcohol is also known as Isopropyl alcohol. It is a volatile chemical. Whenever you’re cleaning your home with alcohol,l always make sure to keep your windows open.

Beware of sellers selling fake Product

Till now, no vaccine to treat COVID-19 has been found but some hustlers are still selling some fake or bogus products as a cure to Corona. Recently the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade has sent warning letters to many companies selling deceptive products.

Is it a good idea to make your own hand sanitizer?

As it is very easy to make a hand sanitizer, all you have to do is that to search for ” how to make hand sanitizers on your own?”. But the World Health Organization WHO strictly prohibits these kinds of actions. The people will add the wrong proportion of alcohol and it will create false security sense against them.  However, WHO has introduced an authentic way to make hand sanitizer, and the method is mentioned on its website. The better option is you should buy hand sanitizers as they are fully proven to kill germs and should not try our own experiments as it could be a bad move.

Usage of moisturizers

By using such cleaning products which are somehow harsh, it could make our skin rough so in order to deal with roughness, one should use moisturizers in daily routine like shea butter, etc. It will keep our hands soft and moist.


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