Windows 11 Advanced Features And Requirements

Will Windows 11 Replace Skype completely?

Microsoft has reportedly introduced Windows 11. The new OS is set to show up as an updated version to Windows 10 computers this Christmas season. In case you’re anticipating the update to the new Windows OS, here are a couple of things you need to know first, beginning with the OS specification. 

Windows 11: What are the System prerequisites? 

For your computer to run Windows 11, it’s anything but a processor that has at least two cores and a clock speed of 1GHz or higher. It will likewise need to have RAM of 4GB or more, and 64GB capacity. The PC will likewise require a TPM security adaptation of TPM 1.2 or higher and SecureBootCapable support. 

This implies that all machines running Intel’s 6th and seventh-age processors are not qualified to get the new update. In the mean-time, on AMD-based frameworks, the A-series and FX-series, alongside Ryzen 1000 and most Ryzen 2000 chips, won’t run Windows 11. 

Windows 11 will likewise require your setup to have probably a 9-inch yield screen output with a 720p resolution and your framework should have support for DirectX 12 designs or WDDM2.x. A report by XDA Developers likewise recommends that your PC should have a precision touchpad to be qualified for the Windows 11 version. 

In the event that your PC doesn’t meet any of the system’s necessities, you will most likely be unable to run Windows 11 on it. Nonetheless, in the event that you have a desktop, you could possibly redesign the important parts and be qualified for the update. 

Likewise, note that a few perspectives like your TPM adaptation may be first initiated from your framework’s BIOS settings, which in itself may not be a process for the average user. 

Android applications on Windows 

Microsoft is bringing Android applications to Windows interestingly. Beginning recently in the future, users will see Android applications in the Microsoft Store and will actually want to download them through the Amazon Appstore. The organization has additionally reported that it will add Adobe Creative Cloud, Disney+, TikTok, Zoom, and a series of its local applications like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, and even Notepad and Paint to Microsoft Store on Windows 11. 

Huge changes for gamers 

The new Windows 11 OS will bring various huge changes for PC gamers. It upholds DirectX 12 Ultimate, which is said to offer vivid designs at high edge rates. There is additional support for Auto HDR, which Microsoft says will offer a more extensive, more clear scope of shadings for a superior visual encounter. DirectStorage is additionally there, which will offer quicker burden times as the game’s resources will be stacked straightforwardly to the designs card, rather than through the CPU. 

One will likewise track down an implicit Xbox application in Windows 11. All the Xbox Game Pass users will actually want to access “more than 100 top caliber” games and stream titles by means of Xbox cloud gaming. 

Better performing multiple tasks insight 

Windows 11 additionally brings new Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops to offer a superior method to perform various tasks. “These are new highlights intended to assist you with getting sorted out your windows and advance your screen surface so you can perceive what you need simply the manner in which you need in a design that is outwardly spotless,” Microsoft said in a blog entry. Users can likewise make separate Desktops and redo them however they would prefer. For instance, you can have a Desktop for work, gaming or school. 


Windows 11 offers refreshed gadgets that can slide over your work area to show you news, climate, schedule, plan for the day and your new photographs. You can likewise see the widgets on full-screen in the event that you need to see everything simultaneously. Users can add or eliminate gadgets whenever they need. 

“We frequently get our telephones to check the news, climate or notices. Presently, you can open a likewise curated see straightforwardly from your desktop. At the point when you open your customized feed it slides across your screen like a sheet of glass so it doesn’t disturb what you’re doing,” the organization said. 

Reviving look 

Windows 11 accompanies a reviving look. Subsequent to moving up to the new Windows OS, users will see the Start menu at the middle and adjusted corners on menus. You will likewise see all the default symbols like Edge and File Explorer to the middle. You do get the alternative to change the situation of these applications and move the Start catch to its unique spot. 

The refreshed Start menu presently doesn’t offer any Live Tiles that you may have found in Windows 10, all things being equal, you will see some suggested applications at the bottom. Microsoft has added a committed inquiry button also, so users can look for their most loved applications and preloaded capacities.

The update additionally brings upgraded sounds and alarms, and one will likewise see some inconspicuous changes in motions. You will likewise see new topics and some alluring backdrops.


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