Microsoft’s BSoD Will Be Black In Windows 11


Microsoft’s alleged blue screen of death (BSoD) will be black in the new Windows 11 operating system. The screen seems when users  have an issue on their computers, frequently inciting a restart. 

A black background will supplant blue, coordinating the logon and shutdown screen of the new framework, the Verge revealed

The BSoD permits IT experts to analyze hardware and memory issues. 

It normally incorporates data and information that can assist with investigating what issue made the screen show up. 

In 2016, a QR code was added to it which users can scan to discover more data about the fault. 

Windows 8 additionally added an unhappy face to the screen in 2012. 

Photographs of the new screen propose both the QR code and sad face 🙁 will stay on the dark version. 

Windows 11 

Windows 11 was launched last months will be accessible as a free update to existing Windows 10 users – though a few gadgets can’t run the new system, which requires at least 64 gigabytes of capacity and 4 gigabytes of RAM. 

Microsoft will  remove Windows 10 in 2025

Another visual change is that the start button has been moved to the base centre of the screen from the base left. 

Microsoft BSoD Will Be Black In Windows 11

Developers who are important for Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program – which gives them admittance to an early form of Windows 11 – uncovered the dark screen of death via online media. 

Members from the program have likewise revealed different issues, including installing the new system and utilizing the start menu, as indicated by Bleeping Computer. 

Windows 11 will be accessible more later this year, yet Microsoft has not given an accurate date.


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