Trump’s Adviser Diagnosed Positive

Trump’s Adviser Diagnosed Positive
O'Brien is the most noteworthy positioning Trump organization official known to have tested positive for deadly ongoing  coronavirus.

Robert C. O’Brien, President Trump’s national security adviser, has diagnosed positive for COVID-19, the White House reported Monday. O’Brien is the most noteworthy positioning Trump organization official known to have tested positive for deadly ongoing  coronavirus. 

“He has mild symptoms and has been self-isolating and working from a secure location off site,” the White House said in an announcement. “There is no risk of exposure to the President or the Vice President. The work of the National Security Council continues uninterrupted.” 

O’Brien is in recurrent contact with Trump, however it was not quickly clear how as of late the two had been in close proximity. The two showed up openly together during a visit to the U.S. Southern Command in Miami on July 10. 

The United States detailed 59,737 new coronavirus contaminations on Sunday, pushing the complete number of cases that have been accounted for since February past 4,217,000. Three states — Nevada, Texas and South Carolina — saw their seven-day midpoints for fatalities arrive at new highs. In the United States, approximately 143,000 individuals have died due to covid-19 to date, adding up to roughly one-fifth of the world’s loss of life. 

Here are some huge turns of events: 

The race to build up a vaccination against the novel coronavirus hit a significant achievement, with the dispatch of an enormous-scale clinical preliminaries that will test the viability and wellbeing of experimental vaccines created by biotechnology organization Moderna in a joint effort with the U.S. government. 

Almost 14 Miami Marlins players and mentors have diagnosed positive for the novel coronavirus, an epidemic that has come three days into the MLB season and caused dropping of the team’s game on Monday. 

As Trump’s standing slips among older voters, Joe Biden, the possible Democratic presidential candidate, uncovered another promotion that looks to commute home the message that the organization’s reaction has failed the country’s seniors. 

With time running short for Congress to favor another coronavirus boost bundle before going on break in August, top White House authorities state that it might be important to pass a restricted bit of enactment that can in any event guarantee that a large number of Americans keep on getting upgraded joblessness benefits past the month’s end. However, Democrats aren’t ready for the piecemeal methodology, which would also decrease the size of the $600-seven-days payment.

World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called the coronavirus pandemic “easily the most severe” worldwide wellbeing crisis ever announced by the U.N. office and cautioned that “it continues to accelerate.” Covid-19 “has shown what humans are capable of — both positively and negatively, he told a press conference Monday.


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