Things to do for Better Lifestyle

Things to do for Better Lifestyle

A genius human once said, “you don’t find happiness, you create it”. And this genius human typing here says, “you don’t find a good lifestyle you Design it”. And designing something isn’t easy, not even for an artist, it needs ideas, it needs time, it needs motivation, and it needs YOU to be there. Many of us make resolutions and write many motivational quotations on our walls and diaries, even bathroom mirrors, places where we can see them so that we can be reminded again and again about our aims in life. So before making decisions and assigning tasks have you ever thought for a moment that what is your lifestyle? And how would you live it? Do you have a better lifestyle? We don’t think in this way, because 80% of us are emotionally thinking most of the time, and life is not only emotions people use its brains too.

And people with brains don’t do these things

  • He called me fat, ill show him who is fat, and when you plan to diet and run and seek methods to burn your fats.
  • Oh! They scored this much, I am going to work hard and score more in class, or to stay ahead of everyone.
  • I was embarrassed in front of everyone because I don’t know how to speak in that particular language.
  • He /She left me for that particular someone, I am going to make him/her realize his/ her mistake by improving myself.

The message is simple if you are hurt you would work, and when you are healed from these emotional pains you would stop working. Things that are related to emotions, end up harming our senses. These hyped feelings that you feel will end up once you start working in its direction, because they always do, you know why? These thoughts were never meant for us, they were meant for them and those who caused you such trouble to work on yourself. We don’t do what other people tell us to do, we do rather by seeing what other people do because we have seen so many people responding to these situations in the same manner. Don’t find means to give a smack on faces, LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE WITH YOUR SIGNATURE  LIFESTYLE.

We all have been through a situation where no matter what happens our life fails us several times, our dreams our goals, our family, our people fail us, and it’s a normal human cycle that keeps on repeating itself. And once you realized that you needed to do these things for your own good, you may allow the stable YOU to make hardstone habits because congrats you’re not going to lose this type of motivation again, that has emotions for self good being and a mind to move forward. 

  • Make plans for the day to come, so that you feel more enthusiastic to move from your bed and to do some real deal work.
  • Play games, not video games, real games. Research has told that playing games and being involved in physical activities makes one less depressed and immune from sickness, I know what most of you might be thinking, “Yeah right! How come lazy potatoes like us would move and work”, you guys are right, because you are potatoes no doubt, and potatoes can’t work!
  • If you’re a person seeking a job, try finding the one where your passion lies, not what your society says, grow up in an actual way, please.
  • If you’re a student, don’t you dare compare yourself or listen to anyone who compares you, you are your own gem remember that, and they can’t be you. Be grateful.
  • Have a healthy meal, don’t always dose yourself on fast-foods, even though I like them myself but unfortunately they are not hygienic and can cause harm to our immune system. And a healthy stomach means healthy Life.
  • Learn some manners and basic ethics, despite various religions in our world, many few people get this idea of Humanitarianism, a long word with a beautiful meaning, love other humans, do something great for them.
  • Do take bath on a regular basis you don’t want fungus growing on you, now do you?
  • Spend your time in creativity, like music, art, and dance. Have a change in your schedule once in a while.

These things and others are important for you to live, now who wants a job where the boss is not miserable at him/her for arriving late and many more dramatic issues, its life and it has given you a simple job to TO LIVE.

Live life with such lifestyle, that could motivate others to live like you, be punctual, be practical, be humble, be polite, be sober, try living for others by living for yourself, it’s not difficult to greet with a smile craved on your face, it’s not bad to give hugs and shake hands. It’s not bad to go on a journey once in a while, to visit places, people. And most importantly be the one who is gifted with an eye to see perfection, good and blessing in every imperfect, bad, and cursed thing. 


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