Tech Giant Apple Resumes Its Stores

Tech Giant Apple resumes its stores

Tech giant Apple issued an effective plan of what strategy it would come up with to resume the stores expanded worldwide.

Plan includes face masks would be compulsory for the customers, in case of having no mask, one would be provided by the store to them. Besides, customers’ body temperature would be checked in order to avoid COVID-19 infection.

In a press release company announced strict measures would be taken to re-open the stores, people would not be allowed to enter the store unless they have facemasks and would be offered face coverings if they did not have one.

Screening questionnaire tests would be taken from the people to detect if they have COVID-19 infection, as well as the customers, are needed to have their temperature checked.

Stores would contain a limited number of customers in order to maintain social-distancing and stores’ cleaning would be on a regular basis throughout the day, this would deeply cleans the area with a large number of customers gathered.

Moreover, Customers would be asked if they have any milder symptoms or they have come in contact with COVID-19 patients recently.

The company said it would implement the local health guidelines in its resumption strategy.

It was asked by Tech giant Apple how it would ensure the implementation of rules in the US, Apple answered, ” when stores in your areas take the move to resume, things may look and feel a little different.”

Customers would be able to collect the goods from the curbside to avoid social interaction. About 100 of its aggregate stores have reopened. As per the confirmed report, 25 stores will resume in the US this week.

However, many of the stores will start opening in Florida, Huawei, and California. 12 stores will begin to resume in Canada and 10 in Italy very soon.



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