Russian Prime Minister Tests Positive for COVID-19


Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has tested positive for COVID-19, his report says what he got after submitting the test.

His positive test surfaced the day when

has tested positive for COVID-19, his report says he got after submitting the test. 

His positive test surfaced the day when Russia reported 7,099 cases, bringing the aggregate to over 100,000 cases nationwide. 

Talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin on a video call, Mr. Mishustin said, “I have recently discovered that the test on the coronavirus I took was certain.” 

Mr. Putin agreed to Mr. Mishustin’s suggestion that First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov should take over his responsibilities. Mr. Mishustin will quarantine himself for the time being in order to cope with the illness.

Mr. Putin praised him for his services saying, “What’s befalling you can happen to anyone else, and I’ve  been stating this.”

Mikhail Minhustin is the principal senior political activist here to fall debilitated with coronavirus. 

Mr. Putin warned the nation this pandemic would not discriminate between public and ministers, it has its own rules to follow. He hoped Mr. Mishustin would be in-active contact with the Cabinet and with him. 

Mr. Mishustin requested the people to pay attention to coronavirus and to remain at home and safe until the lockdown eases. This is the only place to remain prevented from the deadly virus.

Now authorities have shown concern regarding hotter climate as it will drive the people rushing to the countryside as they usually do in summer. To cope with this situation, Moscow is alerting a large corp of police to be expanded in the coming days, to make sure people remain stuck to the country-issued measures. 

In spite of a spike in coronavirus cases, the Moscow coronavirus headquarter has reported only 1,073 deaths in Russia, which is, consider a small fraction of Russia’s population. 

Presidential representative Dmitry Peskov says Russia’s response to the pandemic has empowered it to maintain a strategic distance from an “Italian situation”. 

However, Mr. Putin alerted, ” we do not have enough defensive gears to ensure the safety of health care workers and other medical staff.” 

Moscow’s Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, stated, “many of the people taking this virus very lightly, breaching the restrictive rules, but they never know how deadly this pandemic would be.”

“We will ease the lockdown restrictions as soon as we know the situation is now under control. Until that time span, you have to remain courageous, and patient, this is really very important for your life and health,” he added.


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