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Russia Is Still Targeting Civilian Infrastructure, Ukraine’s Presidential Office Says

The Presidential Office of Ukraine has warned that Russia is still targeting civilian infrastructure in the country, despite the ongoing truce and the withdrawal...

Russia ends civilian pull-out before Kherson battle

Russian officials say they have got finished an operation to move civilians out of the occupied southern town of Kherson ahead of expected warfare with advancing Ukrainian forces. as a minimum of 70,000 civilians are stated to have crossed to...

Russia’s Envoy Rejected Vaccine Stealing Allegations

Russia's envoy to London has rejected allegations by Britain and its partners of stealing coronavirus vaccine research with the help of hackers in a...
Immune Clue: Scientists Bring Hope to Treat COVID-19

Coronavirus: Russia To Begin Vaccine Trials

Russia intends to begin coronavirus vaccine clinical trials inside about fourteen days on immunization to battle the novel coronavirus, the Health Ministry said on...

Russia: Observes Daily-Rise in Cases

Russia has seen the daily rise in cases due to novel coronavirus, recording reported infections  figure  up to 10, 633 in just 24 hours. With...

Russian Prime Minister Tests Positive for COVID-19

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has tested positive for COVID-19, his report says what he got after submitting the test. His positive test surfaced the...