Nike Announced Donation of Shoes for Frontliners


Nike an American multinational company has revealed its plans for the donation of more than 30,000  pair shoes to the frontline workers, working in hospitals of the US and Europe.

On Monday’s announcement, Nike exposed its good cause to give 32,500 pairs of sneakers. Not only that, but it will also donate apparel, equipment to paramedical staff who are battling with COVID-19 at the frontline to save the world.

Oregon-oriented giant sports equipment manufacturer, announced the slip-on Air Zoom Pulse shoes are specifically prepared for the healthcare workers who are working on their feet, it named them “healthcare athlete”.

To fulfill this venture, Nike is making a strong collaboration with a renowned charitable organization of the US, Good360, and some other companies across Europe to ensure the distribution of the announced donation across the US and Europe. 

The Veteran Health Administration of the US which offers wellbeing services to the veterans will also be included in the list of sneakers recipients from Nike.

Moreover, Nike is aimed to offer its other athlete products to the frontline workers which include Dri-Fit-T-shirts ) help soaking their sweat immediately) and soccer socks, aimed to relieve the legs, ankles, and feet swelling.

Apart from the recent declaration, Nike said it previously donated kits containing hats and socks to the healthcare workers in New York.

Moreover, it has also donated about 4,000 pairs of shoes across Europe and more than 3,500 Dri-Fit-T-shirts to the hospitals.

Nike made an announcement at the end of March to be remained shut for the time being as per the Health official directives.


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