COVID-19 Swallowed Lives Of Twins Nurses


Two Identical twin sisters died due to prevailing pandemic COVID-19. Both of the sisters passed away within the span of three days of each other, their sister narrated.

37 years old, a pediatric nurse, Katy Davis died after tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, 21st April at Southampton General Hospital, Hospital authority declared.

Her twin sister, Emma who was also a one-time nurse died on Friday morning at the hospital where Katy was admitted, their sister Zoe stated.

As per their sister’s narrative, they used to say we had come to this world together, and the same way we would go out together too.

Their sister Zoe stated, the amazing pair, who lived together, had some other health concerns and have not been well for some time. Words would be less to describe how special they were, she added.

An important aim of their lives was to serve the people in any way. Since their young age, they intended to do something meaningful to mankind that makes them memorable for the lifetime.

“They provided their patients whom they looked after with every comfort what they required. They were exceptional.”

Chief executive at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Paula Head shared about what their colleagues narrated about the Katy. They said, for her, nursing was not just a timely job to her, this was her passion. She played her duty well.

“As a representative of our patients and communities we work for, I would pay condolences to her family.”

The Royal College of Nursing said: “She’s been a dedicated and selfless nurse who shared her time with everyone sharing her skills and knowledge to ensure excellent patient care.”

The hospital could not declare if Emma Devis’ death reason was COVID-19. Though, her family relates her death to novel coronavirus infection.

Hospital’s entire staff members held a ‘Clap for Katy’ outside the main gate of the hospital on Thursday evening, just a few hours before Emma’s death declaration.

According to the list assembled by Nursing Times, approximately 50 of the British nursing staff have caught in the hold of this pandemic and died.


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