COVID-19 : Why Vietnam Has Zero (0) Fatality With Coronavirus?


Where the rest of the world has got caught by COVID-19 pandemic, there is a country, Vietnam is being observed as the safest zone so far.

The country shares a border with the China-a region from where this epidemic began. Vietnam is currently having more than 10 million of the population.

So far, till 23rd April, about 270 cases for COVID-19 were reported throughout the country, in fact, not a single fatality was observed to date.

Since this pandemic started, Vietnam got their people aware of this critical situation and how to prevent this. The country issued measures to cope with coronavirus. Now, restrictions for corona are being abolished from all over the region and all the schools have been allowed to resume as per their schedules.

The question pops in mind that what strategy did Vietnam follow to cope with this situation intelligently?

Should this strategy be followed by the rest of the countries?

Shutting Borders

In late January, the first case had surfaced for COVID-19. In an immediate moment, Vietnam came into action and closed the border with China completely. The country’s government realized the spread of Coronavirus was due to the arrival of out of the country residents. Then, the government issued orders that every person coming from outside the country to be quarantined for at least 14 days. Also, the government bore hotels’ expenses for the people who were quarantined there. Lately in March, Vietnam’s government banned the people completely coming from abroad.

Moreover, the country’s government took effective steps to stop spreading coronavirus in the country. The people who tested positive for COVID-19 were kept in quarantine. Also, traced the people who were in link with the COVID-19 affected patients and made them examined for COVID-19.

Not only this, Vietnam got succeeded in preparing low-cost testing kits within the country.

Due to a lack of resources, Vietnam applied the low-cost methodology to test the infection spread due to coronavirus. For that purpose, it started active approaches to seek the people with COVID-19 positive and managed to keep them in quarantine.

The government started a campaign to aware of its citizens with different strategies by using short films, and posters and succeeded.

But there are some concerns shown by the government that possibly there is a great ratio of people who are afraid to test themselves and do not want them to expose because of strict treatment.

Using these methodologies, Vietnam’s economy has affected. Many of the businesses closed forever. Due to airline banning, the country had to face the loss of millions of dollars.

Besides political will, compliant citizens and an effective government network are enough to cope with crucial issues of COVID-19.


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