‘Stunning’ Moments Of Trump Interview  With Jonathan Swan

'Stunning' Moments Of Trump Interview  With Jonathan Swan

President Donald Trump protracted HBO interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios contained various ‘stunning’ moments.

He wasn’t going up against reality with regards to the infection, the Axios columnist cautioned. 

Trump gruffly excused late Rep. John Lewis, a Civil Rights Icon, while offering admirable wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, the long-lasting partner of kid sex stalker Jeffrey Epstein, who is in authority and confronting her own charges

Yet, Swan said on MSNBC on Tuesday that the moment that stood apart to him was the wild to and fro they had on the coronavirus pandemic. 

“He is not confronting reality when it comes to the virus,” Swan said. “And he is reaching for data points that are good for publicity or sound good but are not actually the best metrics for revealing what’s going on in this country.” 

Trump contended that the U.S. had the greatest coronavirus numbers on the planet in view of the broad testing, notwithstanding about 160,000 passings, and rehashed his claim that there can be an excessive amount of testing. 

“You know there are those that say, you can test too much,” Trump said. “You do know that.” 

“Who says that?” Swan questioned. 

“Oh, just read the manuals,” Trump said. “Read the books.”

Talking on MSNBC on Tuesday, Swan said Trump never named the books or manuals, and included that there’s “no credible public health expert who is suggesting that there is a danger to testing too much.”

He additionally said Trump’s claim that the United States is doing the most testing isn’t especially important in the bigger context. 

“The reason the U.S. has had to do all these tests is because the virus spread undetected like wildfire through this country in February, March, April, and it took a very long time to get the testing working and effective, and we’re still not there with these delays so people are walking around for, in some cases, 10-11 days spreading the virus.”

Swan said general wellbeing specialists concur that, without a vaccine, the most ideal approach to control the infection is with forceful and fast testing just as seclusion, contact detecting and isolation .

“The fact that he’s… still expressing ambivalence over the value of testing is stunning,” he said.


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