Solar Eclipse and its impact on Human Body


solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the solar, thereby obscuring Earth’s view of the sundefinitely or partly. Such an alignment coincides with a brand new moon, indicating the Moon is closest to the plane of the Earth’s orbit.

An eclipse is a natural phenomenon. In some historic and modern-day cultures, solar eclipses had been attributed to supernatural causes or appeared as awful omens. Astronomers’ predictions of eclipses began in China as early because the 4th century BC; eclipses hundreds of years into the future may additionally now be predicted with excessive accuracy.
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What it means for your health
According to traditional beliefs, eclipses are said to have a good,or a
bad effect on people’s lives, especially their health.

Impact on eyes 
It is believed that the Solar Eclipse may cause some serious damage to your eyes, especially if you try to look at the eclipse with the naked eye. This may damage your retina and cause serious eye problems.

One may feel dull or lethargic throughout the day. Solar eclipses are said to have an effect on people’s energy levels. Making them feel lazy and tired.

Digestive Problem
Popular belief warns against eating or drinking during the course of the solar eclipse as it may affect the digestive system. But it is only a traditional belief and not a proven fact.

Changes in Mood
Mood swings and irritation are quite likely during the Solar Eclipse.

Pregnancy and Eclipse
While an old wife’s tale, the solar eclipse is said to have a direct effect on pregnant women. They are advised to stay indoors and to avoid sharp objects that might cause injury. During pregnancy, women are warned against eating anything stale. Rest is of utmost crucial.

Precaution to take
Scientifically, there is no evidence to suggest that the Solar eclipse impacts health in any way. However, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, wearing shields and protective eyewear while seeing the eclipse, staying indoors, avoiding eating or drinking during the eclipse, etc. Should be followed to ensure safety.



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