Play Characters An Essential Role in Children’s Brain Development

Play Characters An Essential Role in Children's Brain Development

It has been declared by The United Nations High Commission for Human rights as their birthright. Children pick the academic values through play more quickly as play is a source of developing cultural values to the children.

 When I was a child, I used to get involved with football playing because play is not just a play, it is the right way to stress you out, boost your confidence and prepare you for the future struggle. Play allows every child to develop the unique potential to create and explore their own world and produce their comfort zone.

Today’s children are going through a device world where they are being forced to snatch a better position for future races. Despite getting involved with children in playing, parents act as stress alarm for the children. Children prefer to live alone rather than getting together and sharing unique ideas and different state of mind with their fellows in order to run away from the stressful life.

Whether indoor or outdoor, play is the key activity to keep children’s minds and physic healthy. Matter of fact is, various electronic gadgets have become the mean of play in today’s era that is becoming the major source of spoiling children’s state of mind. 

Not only that, but play also promotes a better lifestyle, manners, and values when it becomes part of education. For teachers, it is an excellent tool helps in the growth of student’s mental and imagination level to explore the world. Organized and lavished learning style is becoming key to conveying educational messages to the children easily by incorporating play as a part of their curriculum. 

Here, society can play its important role in promoting playing trend amongst children around them by providing better places to them, by getting involved with them and avoiding ruling attitude towards them so this may help to reduce generation gap and children will feel free to interact with their parents on any niche.

 Toys are also playing the major role to serve children in enhancing their brain development but cheap toy imports could become the environmental and human hazard as they are easily breakable when roughly hold by children, this way tiny pieces can be swallowed by children this may lead to life hazard. As long as the environment is concerned. Cheap material is used to produce toys these materials could cause environmental pollution which will ultimately throw impact on human life.



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