Listen to your favorite musician at home In Lockdown

Listen to your favorite musician at home In Lockdown
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As we all know about our severed condition and lockdown worldwide which has a hazardous lair on us and we have to stay home to protect us from this deadly coronavirus, we have to stick to our Government prosecution and stay in our homes for safety purpose, but this is boring and hard to cope with the time, but technology has got our backs in this situation. I know there are many things to play and fun with, like Netflix and game stuff but, this lair of fun divides us with a ton of time to distribute the fun into different categories. This includes a variety of occasions with games and movies on one side and Tv series with others, but not all of the people have the same interest. Some people have their own idea of fun. They rather have music interest so what about it in this lockdown?

Here comes our Spotify:

We all know what the application of Spotify plays a role in the field of technology. So this spectacular app developers have released a heartwarming update through which an artist can donate money to a respective location. This directs our fans to listen to our favorite artist and this will generate money to the poor, so a band or an individual can select “The Fundraising Pick” which can highlight a location to send cash to the destination of charity fundraising facility.

Spotify said;

“It hoped the feature would help the artist in lockdown.”


First things first;

It will allow artist who has a willing interest in raising money for their crew and bandmates to get the word out for fans and show their potential. This allows us to do good deeds of fundraisings. Spotify released it so they can provide help to global and doing so they have also made 1M across worldwide through streamings. The crisis has become an obstacle for Spotify to progress further, but the people in the facility are working and getting out many artists as they can to join their creed in fundraising. The company has a strong belief that this first version will evolve as it will be a great help for the music community.

As we all know the Dance Act Marshmallow was the first one to give a go in the first sign up which made the listener monthly count to 33M to donate funds to the Musicares coronavirus relief fund as set up by the Grammy awards to support work out for the musician.

Use it in more Ease:

Spotify has not only made a new operation but has made the app usage easier. The button place like “download” and “play” have gotten themselves a great placement. The premium users have also a new button to download waiting for them to push. Spotify is also following its fantastic bleak theme. The update has also made easier for us to navigate sites and podcast for streaming. This update mainly sticks on its goal to make navigations easier. The Apple user has their own special treat on it with a brighter look. The app has also made the search engine a lot cooler with all the track and song view. The listener will find more intimidating good looks and free of use in the app store and new in apps icon.

The IOS version will show its color after full procedures and it will hit Android soon.


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