Iranian Navy Ship Sunk After An Immense Blaze

Ship burst into fire off the gulf of oman
Credit: EPA

A huge Iranian navy Ship has sunk after bursting into immense blaze in the Gulf of Oman during a preparation mission, state news offices states. 

The oiler renewal vessel IRIS Kharg burst into flames close to the Iranian port of Jask in the early hours of Wednesday. 

An Iranian naval force proclamation said firemen had battled the blast for over 20 hours with an end goal to save the vessel before it sank. 

The ship’s crew were securely emptied and no losses were reported. 

The reason for the fire was not quickly clear. In its assertion, Iran’s naval force said the fire began in one of the boat’s frameworks, without giving further subtleties. 

The assertion announced by Tasnim News Agency said the vessel had left for a “training mission” in global waters days prior. Iranian state TV issued a film of the ship on fire. 

Constructed in the UK and dispatched in 1977, Kharg is Iran’s biggest maritime vessel as far as weight, as per maritime experts. 

The Irna news outlet said the vessel had offered support to the Iranian naval force’s preparation activities for over forty years. 

The Kharg fire is the most recent maritime event in waters close to Iran, an area of sensitive transportation routes and stewing geopolitical pressures. 

The Gulf of Oman associates with the Strait of Hormuz, a limited channel that is one of the world’s most significant transportation paths. 

It has been at the focal point of rising enmity among Iran and Western nations – including the US and the UK – as of late. 

As of late Iran and Israel have blamed each other for focusing on their ships at sea 

In April, Iran said one of its vessels, the Saviz, had been focused in the Red Sea, after media reports said the ship had been assaulted with limpet mines. 

That came after Israel and Iran had accused each other for the sessions of reported assaults on cargo ships since late February.


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