India: COVID-19 Mothers Delivered Healthy Babies 


In the hospital of Western City of Mumbai, India, 100 healthy babies have been delivered from COVID-19 infected mothers.

The previous month, 3 babies out of 115 born at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital from infected mothers were checked for COVID-19,  reports were positive for the novel coronavirus but afterward they got tested negative for the virus.

More than half of the newborns happened with the surgery however the rest of the babies were normal births. 22 mothers of COVID-19-infected had been referred to from other hospitals however, it has not been prominent whether they contracted coronavirus at the home, hospital, or anywhere else.

COVID-infected mothers are being treated by the doctors and nurses in the ward of 40 beds. But as the number of infection are getting increased hospital has decided to install 34 beds more for infected mothers.

Deliveries were carried out by the doctors, nurses, and anesthetists with proper defensive equipment.

Head of the Gynaecology Department, Dr. Arun Nayak stated the majority of women did not show symptoms for COVID-19 and some of the patients had a mild fever with complaints of shortness of breathing had been treated and after delivery sent to the home.

India’s financial hub reported with 24000  alleged cases and 84 death records so far, has surrounded by the pandemic.

A great deal of anxiety has been seen in mothers. Mothers are not sure about their lives as they think they might die but doctors are intended to carry out healthy delivery of a child.

After delivery mothers were kept in a special ward, afterward they got quarantined for a few days, during the time of quarantine, babies are not isolated and fed by their mothers with covered faces.

Prior to this, babies’ deaths have happened due to COVID-19 in Chicago, Connecticut, and Wales.

It was reported mother-child virus transmission through womb or while delivery is rare unless the baby gets contacted with the mother’s respiratory secretion.

However, as per the recent data record, coronavirus can be transmitted through placental tissues.

At the Mumbai Hospital, more than 20 percent of the total babies were born to  COVID-infected mothers.

Much difficulty was faced by the doctors at the time of delivery as one of the patients got dead after gave birth to a healthy baby boy, her liver failed to function. 


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