Facebook Google Extended Remote-Work Until 2021

Other giants are  intended to resume the offices as soon as possible.
Other giants are  intended to resume the offices as soon as possible.

Tech giants Google and Facebook have made a recent announcement saying the working employees will carry on work from home till the end of the year, which means they have extended the Remote-Work until 2021.

Both the giants are intended to resume the offices as soon as possible, however, giving working-flexibility to their employees that they could get their work done from home.

Social media platform Facebook has declared to reopen its offices on the 6th of July but the decision relies on the current situation due to coronavirus.

The giant search engine  Google announced the employees would be able to work remotely until 1 June, but now has taken extension to seven months ahead.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai put the option on the table for the company’s employees. He said the workers who need to get a come back to the office would be able to re-join from July but with extra precautionary measures to ensure their safety as safety is the priority.

The next option is to work from home, the people who are carrying out their tasks staying home can do so till the end of the year, Mr. Pichai added.

After Facebook’s announcement, more firms begin to adopt the strategy. They also directed their employees to resume the work from home.

Facebook has taken a step further in it back to the work strategy. Employees who want to work from home can adopt this strategy for the rest of the year. Everyone can realize the delicate situation of the world, everyone has their own issues and they have to make significant decisions regarding returning to work to tackle financial issues. 

A vocal person from Facebook said it is to be determined which employee should be called to return to the office for work.

Facebook is the first amongst the tech firms that gave its employees an opportunity to work staying home, and for that, they got paid a bonus amount by the firm.

Remote work for employees may be a better option in order to follow the designed rules of maintaining social distance as this opportunity can make the firms able to restructure their offices to cope with social distancing rules. Some of the employees have shown health concerns and avoid the office work amid pandemic.


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