Why Divorces Have Become Common?

A good relationship needs a foundation of a good understanding between partners. This factor builds a relationship stronger but the lack of it make it worse.

Divorces have become so common in our society. In olden times, divorce ratio was greatly lower than today’s. Matter of fact is, no body wants to know the leading reason behind this ugliest attempt.

Let’s talk about the factors involved that are leading to this unethical act:

Toxic Relationship

When we talk about toxic relationship, the first thing comes in mind is the constraints that restrict one of the partners to live a cheerful, independent and a happy life. Both the partners need personal space that does not mean to have affairs secretly, drink accessively, back home late at night or do immoral acts without your partner’s consent, it is all about setting a moral boundaries, developing trust in between, offer or lend a supprting hand to your partner in any difficult situation and resolve any matter together. In most of the cases today, main reason of divorce is the toxicity, doubts and unbalanced relationship.

Demands Regarding Ideal partner

Standards for a life-partner has become high that should not happen. Men desire a model as their spouse and a maid for home at the same time. They want a caretaker for their children. Providing a healthy environment to their spouse should be the basic need of the time in order to have a healthy relationship. As far as women are concerned, they keep a hadsome, tall, man as their first priority and caring, honest, loyal and considerable man as their second priority before marriage hence, choose a devastating relationship.

Lack of Patience

Men have never been a symbol of patience. In old era, only women were considered to be a complete package of patience. For running a good marriage, only women were and still are forced to be patient. They are told to go at any extent to run a successful marriage. However, marriage should have an equal definition for both men and women. Women used to compromise greatly as they were totally dependent on their spouse for financial back and after having kids, they are completely bound for their children’s expenses and prefer to stay in a toxic relationship.

Awareness Between Abusive And Healthy Relationship

Today’s woman is more educated, financially independent and is having a prolong awareness regarding rights of a spouse in marriages so she openly stands for her rights and don’t take abuse from the partner as a usual happening as it has been a norm in any married life. When a female partner is self-sufficient then she is not easy to handle as she has all the rights reserved to offer an opinion.

Lack Of Understanding

A good relationship needs a foundation of a good understanding between partners. This factor builds a relationship stronger but the lack of it make it worse. Understanding refers to a term which includes understanding your partner’s situation in any matter without jumping to any worst conclusion, take a breathe to think before open up about the situation that bothers you, and no-communication gap is the best solution to build a good understanding.

Researchers estimate that 40%-50% of all first marriages will end in divorce or permanent separation. About 60% – 65% of second marriages will end in divorce.


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