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Visions Of Experts For Crypto In 50 Years

This can't be predicted what stocks in the S&P 500 will do one month from now, or in two years, however throughout the long...
Windows 10 To Be Removed From Microsoft Windows Range

Windows 10 To Be Removed In 2025

Microsoft says Windows 10 will be removed from Microsoft Windows range in 2025, as it gets ready to divulge a significant version of its...
Chip implant into human brain

Chip Implantation Into Human Brain Could Be Harmful

Neuralink, the AI-brain chip corporation established by Elon Musk, could be prepared to place a version of its implant in humans "within a year,"...
Elon Musk Revealed A Pig with NeuraLink Chip In Its Brain

Elon Musk Revealed A Pig with NeuraLink Chip

Billionaire business visionary Elon Musk revealed a pig named Gertrude with a coin-sized neuralink chip in its mind for two months late Friday, flaunting...
Smartphones Can Detect  If You Are Drunk

Smartphones Can Tell If You Are Drunk

Smartphones can tell you if you are drunk or not by checking your walk, a study, published in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and...