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What happens to your body when you eat too much protein?

Your physique wants protein, however, can it be too lot for you? If you love to begin your day with some scrambled eggs, snack on some nuts, or devour a piece of...

That “junk” DNA … is full of information!

It shouldn't surprise us that indeed in corridor of the genome where we do not obviously see a “ functional ” law( i.e., one that’s been evolutionarily fixed as a result of some picky advantage), there's a type of law, but not like anything we ’ve preliminarily considered as similar. And...

Cancer immunotherapy gets a boost from microbubbles

During the last decade, great advances in cancer curatives have been achieved. The development of immunotherapy shows great clinical results, but unfortunately it does n’t work in every case. Now, scientists have developed a fashion with the eventuality to ameliorate the performance of current immunotherapies. Immunotherapy consists of tricking the case’s own vulnerable cells to make them kill the cancerous cells. One of the strategies most used to date is...

HIV drug repurposed for memory loss treatment

Researchers discover a protein that prevents the brain from connecting reminiscences, and regulating it could assist enhance reminiscence loss remedy. during our lives, massive occasions are saved through the brain’s neurons and saved as reminiscences. however, memories don’t sit down alone. commonly, they're related to some others, making an affordable reconstruction of occasions in a rational timeline. “Actual-global recollections are shaped in a particular context and are frequently no longer received or recalled in...