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That “junk” DNA … is full of information!

It shouldn't surprise us that indeed in corridor of the genome where we do not obviously see a “ functional ” law( i.e., one that’s been evolutionarily fixed as a result of some picky advantage), there's a type of law, but not like anything we ’ve preliminarily considered as similar. And...

A More Elegant Form Of Gene Editing Progresses To Human Testing

Gene editing is a way to alter a gene in a living organism and has been used to treat a variety of diseases. Now,...

How to Detect a Man-Made Biothreat

The united states government is investing in tech to decide whether or not genetic alterations in a pandemic or pest are an evolutionary quirk—or a lab-engineered danger. A brand new, tremendously transmissible strain of influenza emerges. A pesticide-resistant insect decimates massive swaths...