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What is ASTROLOGY? and How Does Astrology Work?

Have you ever been curious about astrology and wanted to learn more about it? Astrology is an ancient practice that can help you gain...

Explaining The Universe’s Accelerated Expansion Without Dark Energy

For decades, scientists have been trying to explain the phenomenon of the universe's accelerated expansion. The most commonly accepted explanation is dark energy -...

New Type Of Black Hole Merger May Have Just Been Observed

Astronomers have recently made an incredible discovery: a new type of black hole merger that may have just been observed for the first time....

String Theory used to describe the expanding universe

To cope with unknown quantum gravitational results within the early universe, physicists have recruited string principles to help resolve the problem. We realize that the universe is increasing, and our expertise of nature is primarily based on fashionable relativity and the same old version of essential debris is regular with this statement. but, those theories of debris and...

Dark matter from Quantum Gravity

Researchers at the Southern University of Science and Technology in China ask if gravitons can be promising candidates for dark matter components. For the reason...