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What is Quantum Gravity?

Quantum gravity seeks to explain gravity consistent with the ideas of quantum mechanics, however, can it be executed? Our expertise of fundamental particles and their interactions is based totally on the same old model — so far the maximum accurate concept developed to describe the houses and bodily behavior of all particles (excluding dark rely) as well as those who mediate interactions between them. The only regarded essential interplay now not defined by means of the...

String Theory used to describe the expanding universe

To cope with unknown quantum gravitational results within the early universe, physicists have recruited string principles to help resolve the problem. We realize that the universe is increasing, and our expertise of nature is primarily based on fashionable relativity and the same old version of essential debris is regular with this statement. but, those theories of debris and...

Dark matter from Quantum Gravity

Researchers at the Southern University of Science and Technology in China ask if gravitons can be promising candidates for dark matter components. For the reason...