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Artificial neural networks made from memristors for brain-inspired computing

Artificial neural networks made from memristors are becoming an increasingly popular way to create brain-inspired computing systems. In this blog post, we will discuss...

Designing “fluid brain” to take the edge off soft robot.

Rigid factors are protecting gentle robots again from their complete capability, and new research suggests swapping in fluid-based structures. because the call for robot systems increases, the hobby of gentle robots has also burgeoned. The gain of gentle-bodied machines is an extended delicate touch, the ability to squeeze into restricted spaces, and the functionality to safely work around squishy and without...

HIV drug repurposed for memory loss treatment

Researchers discover a protein that prevents the brain from connecting reminiscences, and regulating it could assist enhance reminiscence loss remedy. during our lives, massive occasions are saved through the brain’s neurons and saved as reminiscences. however, memories don’t sit down alone. commonly, they're related to some others, making an affordable reconstruction of occasions in a rational timeline. “Actual-global recollections are shaped in a particular context and are frequently no longer received or recalled in...

This Brain Molecule Decides Which Memories Are Happy—or Terrible

Whilst the mind encodes recollections as advantageous or terrible, a small peptide referred to as neurotensin determines which way they will go. You are on the holiday of a lifetime in Kenya, traversing the savanna on safari, with the excursion guide declaring elephants on your right and lions on...

Foods Needed For Good Brain Health

Wellbeing specialists caution that a lingering impact of the Covid pandemic could be a mental health issue. While treatment and meds for stress and...