Germany: Plans For Summer Holidays


As per the Country’s tourism head, the Germany residents would be allowed to have their summer holidays abroad, as the European nations have been planning a strategy for effective handling of summer vacations.

The French President Emmanuel Macron talking to the reporters said, “it is too early to say whether we can take holidays.” This would be obvious till the beginning of June, he added.

“We will restrict the major international trips and tours, even during the summer, ” he said.

Moreover, he said, “we will stay among Europeans, and, depending on how the epidemic evolves, we might have to reduce that a little more.”

Commissioner of Federal tourism Mr. Thomas Bareiss giving a statement to a newspaper said, if the pandemic remained under control, there would be a possibility to let the German people have a holiday abroad or neighboring countries.

German countries are making strategic plans on how to handle the summer vacations, he added 

The death toll has jumped 100,000 figures in European countries altogether. However, according to the data, Italy, France, Spain, and now the UK, have seen the worst response from the coronavirus amid pandemic.

In response to the question ‘which countries would German able to visit’, the tourism commissioner replied, the regions where German people could travel to by Cars such as Australia, Poland, Belgium or Netherlands.

The Ministry of Tourism for Greek Harry Theocharis has revealed his plans with BBC said he was planning to restore the tourism facility. By-road travelers would be preferred to visit the country rather than by plane, he added.

As per the Spanish news agency, Ms. Armengol said Germany was at the top with respect to tourism because a large number of people come to visit its islands. She would pave the way with the German government to ensure tourism by road as soon as possible.

Now, due to safety reasons, Ms. Armengol asked Spanish Authorities to keep the Islands’ ports and airports closed until the situation gets considerable.

The ministry of foreign affairs, Heiko Maas warned, “People will not be allowed to take  a holiday as they know the current situation of the nation.”

Many of the European countries have asked their people to take a holiday in their own country-Staycation- until all the matter is resolved, caused due to pandemic.


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